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Pizzicato World violin and viola

Pizzicato World violin and viola

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Pizzicato with even more possibilities

Pizzicato with the fingers of the left hand can be used very easily to build basic coordination, rhythm stability and independence between right and left. A few minutes a day is all it takes! The booklet systematically shows how to do it.

Left hand pizzicato as a practice technique

The booklet offers on 96 pages:

  • Introduction to the left-hand pizzicato as a practicing technique
  • 40 exercises
  • Detailed description of each exercise
  • More than 360 graphics and rhythms
  • approx. 230 QR codes link to videos and further practice opportunities [optional*].
  • for violin and viola 
  • all levels (you can start at the 1st hour)
  • applicable across all learning and teaching methods
  • bilingual: German and English
  • Optional use of ResoundingFingerboard
  • detailed introduction and explanations on 5 pages
  • a simple and international symbolic language

*The exercises are described in such a way that they can also be performed without the videos/alternatives. 

Pizzicato with left hand, the practice technique

This technique is based on a soft, fine and precise plucking of the strings with the fingers of the left hand. It is performed at different places on the fingerboard, depending on the practice goal. In this way, the coordination of the four fingers can be practiced in different ways, at all levels of proficiency. The basis for this are rhythms or passages from a work.

Different combinations offer themselves, e.g.: 

  • The fingers pluck on a string
  • The fingers pluck on several strings
  • A string is plucked by only one finger
  • One string is plucked by several fingers
  • Plucking can be performed with/without layer change

Next, the arc is added: So the coordination is extended to right and left. Again, there are many ways to train the principle at different levels of proficiency. There is no such thing as too easy!

You can also add the feet and give them their own rhythm as well. This improves the rhythm stability, because it comes increasingly from the body itself. 

The practical booklet shows how all this works in detail, how best to begin and what other advantages are associated with the practice technique. 

About the Pizzicato booklet

The left-hand pizzicato is introduced in this booklet as a practicing technique. The basic coordination is built up step by step on the basis of various rhythms. The most important horizontal, vertical and diagonal planes are observed. By adding the feet and the bow, the whole body is integrated into the activity and the coordination between right and left is systematically built up in the sense of an independence between both sides. The basis is the left-hand pizzicato with 1, 2, 3 and 4 independent rhythm lines.

Watch video: German | English

More than 200 QR codes optionally link to a total of 75 videos that show the execution of the exercise and to further fingering possibilities, finger combinations, alternative executions or extensions and, last but not least, lead to a large rhythm pool with several thousand possible combinations for all levels of difficulty. The use of the QR codes is optional: the exercises can also be performed without them. There is no legal claim with regard to the QR codes. | Learn more about the collection

What's new about pizzicato with the left hand?

Plucking with the fingers of the left hand is not new in itself. It is a playing technique that is used in literature from time to time, many of course know Paganini ... What is new in this context is that the playing technique is now also available as a practice technique. Of course, it prepares ideally for the playing technique, which has a very high demand on coordination. But: It can do much more. 

What is really new is that plucking with the fingers of the left hand can be understood as a practice technique: The technique is systematically introduced and built up, giving opportunities for all levels of proficiency to discover it for themselves. There are very big differences to the playing technique: The playing technique already presupposes that one has a very good coordination. The fingers pluck the strings with great effort, which means that you can only practice the playing technique for a limited time every day. The practicing technique, on the other hand, involves very fine, quiet and precise plucking; too much force would be harmful here. If you want to learn how to get from practicing technique to playing technique, you can do it here get to know.  

ISBN 978-3-9824267-0-9

Free download of 5 exercises
German: https://gratis.linkehandpizzicato.de/
English: https://free.lefthandpizzicato.com/

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