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Sheet music & exercises

Booklets on special topics such as "arm vibrato", "left-hand pizzicato as a practicing technique", "coordination and rhythm", beginners' lessons, etc.

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Almost all instruments

Integrate feet

The feet support the exercise in a relaxed manner, e.g. through the clever use of nubbed massage rollers.

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Fingerboard attachment

The new fingerboard attachment was originally developed for vibrato, but is also used for trills, finger pressure, double stops, etc.

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All instruments

Finger fit

With warm and supple fingers, you not only reach your goal faster: it is also much more pleasant and increases your well-being when making music.

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Almost all instruments

Activate balance

The good news: you don't have to do much if you want to activate your balance while exercising: Stand on one of the utensils ... while playing ...

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Remove rosin

If you want to produce a beautiful sound, you should clean the strings of your instrument regularly. A good cloth is usually sufficient for this.

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  • Violin & Viola

    Violin and viola use the same attachment with 12 nubs each.

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  • Cello

    The attachment for cello has 14 studs and is slightly longer and wider than the one for high strings.

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  • Double bass

    Double bass uses the same attachment as the cellos, but has different Velcro strips for emergency fastening

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  • Exercises

    Several booklets specifically show how to use the essay in a targeted way, from vibrato, LHP to trills, changes of register, finger pressure and more.

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