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Studded rubber mat

Studded rubber mat

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This mat should not be missing in any musician's household, as it can help practitioners to relax while playing. It is suitable for playing standing up and sitting down. It is suitable for lessons and for practising at home. Simply unroll the mat, stand on it and start playing or practising as usual. The soles of your feet will thank you, as will your relaxing back. This works barefoot and with stockings, depending on your preference. It is important to know that if you are uncomfortable at first, you can put two pairs of stockings on top of each other. You should also know that your body "tells" you how long it is good to stand on the mat. Some do it for a few minutes, others practice standing on it for several hours.  Learn more about how to use it for practising and teaching |

Scope of delivery:

The mat is delivered in the ordered quantity. The violin case or other objects in the product photos are accessories and not included in the scope of delivery!

Technical details:

Made in Germany | Dimensions: 60x40 cm | Weight: approx. 1,330g | Material: Ruton

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