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Resounding fingerboard double bass

Resounding fingerboard double bass

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Colour and instrument

Fingerboard attachment for even better results

The Resounding Fingerboard supports the learning and precision of vibrato in an innovative way. Shape and material evoke the optimal basic movement and the ideak balance between flexibility and stability You can use it with or without a bow, depending on the. The fingerboard attachment for double bass is suitable for all levels of proficiency.  

Other advantages:

>precise fingerfall,
>increases speed in trills,
>trains the interval fingering technique,
>enables a new sound quality and
>promotes relaxed and preventively healthier music-making.

Grip aid

The fingerboard attachment is also known as a grip aid. However, it differs from other grip aids in the following points:

  • It does not restrict freedom of movement, but increases it!
  • The application is basically simple. It depends on the user how much they benefit from the fingerboard attachment.
  • The essay can be used for many aspects of instrumental technique at all levels. It's not just for beginners!



Design for:

Double bass: length approx. 17 cm, 14 knobs

Each part is hand cast. Therefore, small inclusions (e.g. air pockets) in the material are possible. However, they do not restrict the functionality. Special delivery times may apply. 

Scope of delivery:

Resounding fingerboard in the quantity ordered. Other items in the product photos are not included. Each attachment is supplied in a ziplock bag and box, plus Velcro strips as an alternative attachment on "Bad Fingerboard Days" (e.g. when the air is too dry) and links to information about use, experience, exercises etc.

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