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FingerFit Ring Set of 2

FingerFit Ring Set of 2

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The set consists of two different finger massage rings, which have been tried out by musicians for musicians, evaluated and found to be very good |  Learn more about warm and fit fingers and hands in instrumental lessons |

The set of rings:


1x "enigmatic" ring: "enigmatic" is the most apt description of this ring, because when massaging the fingers, it is not immediately possible to guess exactly what effect it will have on the fingers when playing. The "enigmatic feeling" is described as "warm", "gently tingling" and "rolls pleasantly on the finger". The "enigmatic effect" is intensified during massaging.
Size (inner ring): 10-12mm diameter.
Thickness: soft, fine ring band

"quick as a flash"

1x "ratzfatz" ring: This ring is called "ratzfatz" because it works very quickly. The "ratzfatz feeling" is described as "beautiful", "strong" and "rolls tightly on the finger". The "ratzfatz effect" is usually noticed intensively after massaging, rarely during it.
Size (inner ring): 8-9 mm diameter.
Thickness: hard

Please note

Everyone feels the effect of the rings differently and also finds other expressions to describe them. The above is intended as a guide, compiled from the recommendations and descriptions of the musician-testers. 

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