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FingerFit Stainless Steel Massage Balls Set of 2

FingerFit Stainless Steel Massage Balls Set of 2

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Here's how to do it with the balls

With these stainless steel massage balls you get more supple and flexible fingers and loose hands and wrists, which has a positive effect on instrumental playing. To do this, simply take (at least) 2 balls in one hand and rotate them around yourself by moving your fingers evenly, without the balls touching each other. You can also do this with two hands at the same time: The balls are rotated in the same direction or in opposite directions |  Learn more about warm and fit fingers and hands in instrumental lessons |

Diameter: For any hand size

Reference value: Balls with a diameter of  25mm are suitable for children. Balls with a diameter of 30mm are suitable for teenagers and adults with small to average hand sizes. Balls with a diameter of 40mm are suitable for adults and older teenagers with an average hand or slightly larger. Balls with a diameter of 45mm are suitable for people with very large hands and a lot of strength. In the photos you can see the same hand for each diameter so that you can correctly estimate the size. The hand is an adult, normal-sized woman's hand. The 40mm balls are ideal for this hand.

Weight per ball

25mm: approx. 63g
30mm: approx. 109g
40mm: approx. 258g
45mm: approx. 367g

Scope of delivery

Set of 2 The balls are each delivered in a set of 2 in the ordered size in a wooden box. Other items in the pictures are only decoration and are not included. 

Kugel-Family contains 1 set each of all sizes (25, 30, 40, 45mm) consisting of 2 balls each.

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